Our attention and outlook to rape cases in India

Let’s put emotions aside and think rationally for a second.  Yesterday, the supreme court confirmed death sentence for 4 convicts in the Nirbhaya case. The SC says that the crime shook the conscience of the society. The case involved massive public attention and demonstration so, it can act as an example. Valid point. Now, just […]

Nirbhaya Rape Case and the Juvenile

This is getting disgusting now. The juvenile rapist is supposed to be released today and the country has no better work than to ensure he remains behind the bars. And then we say that Kangaroo courts and media trials are not good for our country? According to me, the problem is a lot deeper. This […]

The Greater Bond

We are celebrating Raksha Bandhan today. I have a request from all the brothers and sisters who are so excited on this great occasion. Brothers, when she ties a rakhi on your hand, please don’t promise her security. Today, a girl/woman does not need security from you. She is more than capable of defending herself. […]