The Pathankot Terror Attacks

The combing operations in Pathankot are still on. I wanted to comment on the terror attacks only after the entire operation got over but it seems that will take a long time and by the time it gets over, we will have forgotten about the assault and moved on with our lives. I don’t have […]

The Western Double-standards And IS

France launched airstrikes against IS less than a week after the Paris attacks. The USA destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. But when Mumbai was attacked on 26th November 2008, the USA, France and Britain asked India to maintain peace and stay patient and restraint. Why? Is a life of an European citizen worth more […]

The box of magic!!

The Kashmiris are really stupid!! They are asking the Centre for a relief package. Don’t they know they already have been allotted a package of almost Rs. 1700 crores?? We need to give Bihar new packages. The new package for Bihar worth Rs. 125000 crores is nothing!! Bihar is strategically very important for us. There […]

The Yakub Memon case

So, we succeeded in making a mockery of the Indian judicial system in this case. I know that “let a hundred guilty walk free, but an innocent should not be sent to gallows.” Even though I am not a hard-core legal student, I have a working knowledge of the constitution and the judicial process. First […]