Encouraging residents to vote, Justice Hegde slams BJP and Congress

“Prithvi is an honest person, vote for him. If not, press NOTA button but do vote”, says former Supreme Court judge Santosh Hegde On April 25, Santosh Hegde, a former Supreme Court judge and Lokayukta of Karnataka, addressed a small public gathering in a private home in Cox town, which comes under Sarvagnanagara constituency in […]

The supreme court – our ruler?

​Any country’s Supreme Court has a very important role to play. But is there anyone who checks the working of Supreme Court? What if it itself crosses the line? The theoretical concept of “checks and balances” aside, what happens if the top judiciary starts considering itself the “voice of the nation”? Allow me to point […]

Nirbhaya Rape Case and the Juvenile

This is getting disgusting now. The juvenile rapist is supposed to be released today and the country has no better work than to ensure he remains behind the bars. And then we say that Kangaroo courts and media trials are not good for our country? According to me, the problem is a lot deeper. This […]