My Food, My Life

It scares me how easily we get offended now. It scares me even more that we are always trying to paint this country in our own colors. How can someone else decide what I am going to eat? Does eating non-veg make me blasphemous? Does eating veggies make me a saint? We need to understand […]


Scene 1 – In a school, all the students are attending the morning assembly in the school ground. The Head-Boy, along with his prefects, is given the task of searching the bags of the students in case some prohibited objects are found. This is a routine check and the Head-boy is trying to finish off […]

The Forbidden Kingdom

I love travelling, especially to hills. The sight of lush-green hills, a light drizzle, cascading waterfalls and serene surroundings fill me up with an inexplicable joy. Just the other day, I was feeling a little tired and bored. It seemed life had come to a standstill. So, I went up to my father and asked, […]