Encouraging residents to vote, Justice Hegde slams BJP and Congress

“Prithvi is an honest person, vote for him. If not, press NOTA button but do vote”, says former Supreme Court judge Santosh Hegde On April 25, Santosh Hegde, a former Supreme Court judge and Lokayukta of Karnataka, addressed a small public gathering in a private home in Cox town, which comes under Sarvagnanagara constituency in […]

Karnataka Election commission sets up pink polling booths to attract women voters

While women participation in voting has increased in the state over the last decade, women representation in elected bodies remain very poor   The election commission has decided to set up Sakhi/pink polling booths for the first time in Karnataka assembly elections. Comprising of 100% female staff, including presiding officers, polling officers, micro-observers and security […]

Govt to start linking Aadhaar to flight tickets as privacy concerns loom

Ministry of Civil Aviation is rolling out Aadhaar-based paperless boarding using biometric verification but experts are critical of the decision The civil aviation ministry is starting a project under which domestic passengers can link Aadhaar to air tickets at the time of booking the tickets and then, they can travel to the airport without a […]

Siddaramaiah holds the aces but is there a Joker in the pack?

The Karnataka elections are also about three CM aspirants from the Congress as Siddaramaiah needs to keep looking over his shoulders for rivals within the party. As the electoral battle in Karnataka heats up, the internal politics within the parties is also getting more interesting with each passing day. Even between the rumblings of the […]

Karnataka elections 2018: Seizures of alcohol, cash and items on the rise, EC to increase vigil

The Karnataka state EC has its hands full, fighting illegal cash and alcohol and taking preventive steps to protect the sanctity of elections The Election commission has been keeping a strict vigil in these Karnataka elections and has deployed the entire state machinery to ensure that the model code of conduct is strictly enforced. Considering […]

Ram Navami and radical Hinduism

I returned to Jaipur this Sunday, 25th, afternoon and then went to meet my friends in evening, around 4:30 PM. While crossing the exteriors of Vaishali Nagar, I saw a rally of over 1000 young males, aged 25-40, going on bikes, all dressed in various shades of saffron. Every bike had at least 3 men, […]

Gujarat election results – A false dawn

The much awaited Gujarat election results came out and much of the discussion was centered on BJP losing a few seats and not getting into triple digits. At the same time, this is being considered a moral victory for Congress. It seems like a good victory for democracy in India as BJP had become extremely […]