Gujarat election results – A false dawn

The much awaited Gujarat election results came out and much of the discussion was centered on BJP losing a few seats and not getting into triple digits. At the same time, this is being considered a moral victory for Congress. It seems like a good victory for democracy in India as BJP had become extremely […]

Heaven but no Earth

Kalpana gets up from the rickety cot and goes outside her 10 feet by 20 feet tent. Her eyes are awashed with similar tents, reminding her of her rootless survival. It is cruel for her community to stay as refugees in Jammu. She can see the hills, beyond which lies her home. She can only […]

The King and the water

Once there was a king, In a land far, far away long, long time ago popular he was, worshipped by many the king changed a law, to much fanfare nobody will draw water from the wells in buckets, only steel glasses to be used to draw water. People were storing excess water in buckets, And […]

Irom Sharmila and our democracy

Irom Sharmila – a name that will soon be lost among the crowd of a billion others.  She ended her hunger strike, after 16 years. In these times when people burn buses and buildings for demanding reservation as they are “from the weaker sections of the society”, Irom’s movement was a peaceful and non-violent agitation […]

Love and Patriotism

Think of a person you love the most in the world. The person can be anybody – your husband, wife, lover, parent, child, student, teacher, friend, pet, absolutely anybody! To be able to relate with what I am about to say, please do wait for a second and think of that person. Now, let’s assume […]

The JNU Fiasco

Let me be straight here, I strongly believe Afzal Guru was a terrorist and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Still, I’m more than happy to participate in a healthy, fact and logic based discussion over the role/execution of Afzal Guru and “freedom” of Kashmir. Freedom of expression and the right to have an […]