Irom Sharmila and our democracy

Irom Sharmila – a name that will soon be lost among the crowd of a billion others.  She ended her hunger strike, after 16 years. In these times when people burn buses and buildings for demanding reservation as they are “from the weaker sections of the society”, Irom’s movement was a peaceful and non-violent agitation […]

Women, Children, Defence sector and safety

Highlights of the Union Budget 2016 for Women, Children, Defence and Safety- Total defence expenditure for 2016-17 is estimated to be Rs. 2,49,099 crores, an increase of 1.16% from last budget. While revenue expenditure is estimated to be Rs. 1,62,759 crores, capital expenditure will be Rs. 86,340 crores. The defence expenditure goes up to Rs. […]

The Pathankot Terror Attacks

The combing operations in Pathankot are still on. I wanted to comment on the terror attacks only after the entire operation got over but it seems that will take a long time and by the time it gets over, we will have forgotten about the assault and moved on with our lives. I don’t have […]

The OROP Controversy

This might come as a surprise to some, but I support the government’s version of OROP and I believe that the ex-servicemen should call off their agitation. Being a finance student, I understand government’s point of view and agree that annual revision of pension would have been an administrative and financial nightmare. At the same […]

The Dark Knight

The dark knight, or the black knight is a term used for an outcast who works anonymously for a greater purpose and is known to go against authorities should his mission necessitate it. He doesn’t come in the media to be applauded or honoured, but keeps doing the work without any credit. Vijay packs his […]