Narnia’s closet

They met each other at a mutual friend’s party. After spending some time with each other, they became friends. With time, the nature of their feelings changed. They started loving each other. The physical and emotional intimacy was just like in case of any other couple. They madly loved each other. However, they were certain […]

Agriculture, Rural Development and Irrigation

1. What is a subsidy? A subsidy is a sum of money granted by the govt to keep the price of a commodity or service low, thus helping an industry general public. For example, if the price of a LPG cylinder is Rs. 800 but the govt want to protect the public and do not […]

Personal Finance and Start-Ups

1. What is the meaning of exempt? What is a “deduction”? Anything which is not chargeable to tax is called “exempt”. So, if you earn Rs. 10,000 and the govt decides not to charge tax on it, the income is said to be exempt. On the other hand, a “deduction” is the amount on which […]

Women, Children, Defence sector and safety

Highlights of the Union Budget 2016 for Women, Children, Defence and Safety- Total defence expenditure for 2016-17 is estimated to be Rs. 2,49,099 crores, an increase of 1.16% from last budget. While revenue expenditure is estimated to be Rs. 1,62,759 crores, capital expenditure will be Rs. 86,340 crores. The defence expenditure goes up to Rs. […]