Tax revenues declared by central govt for demonetization period

​Just watched the press conference by our union Finance Minister, in which he presented direct and indirect tax figures (trends), supporting the assertion that the economy has grown in the months of November and December 2016, despite the demonetization. That’s the biggest issue with statistics – the conclusion/interpretation which can be drawn from them depends […]

The hidden goodness

People ask me why I am so positive about the future? What makes me so certain that things will change for better? Well, the answer is a little deep. You see, human psychology is actually very straight-forward. In our minds, we see our lives as a movie. And more importantly, we consider ourselves to be […]

The Dark Knight

The dark knight, or the black knight is a term used for an outcast who works anonymously for a greater purpose and is known to go against authorities should his mission necessitate it. He doesn’t come in the media to be applauded or honoured, but keeps doing the work without any credit. Vijay packs his […]