Karnataka Election commission sets up pink polling booths to attract women voters

While women participation in voting has increased in the state over the last decade, women representation in elected bodies remain very poor   The election commission has decided to set up Sakhi/pink polling booths for the first time in Karnataka assembly elections. Comprising of 100% female staff, including presiding officers, polling officers, micro-observers and security […]

Govt to start linking Aadhaar to flight tickets as privacy concerns loom

Ministry of Civil Aviation is rolling out Aadhaar-based paperless boarding using biometric verification but experts are critical of the decision The civil aviation ministry is starting a project under which domestic passengers can link Aadhaar to air tickets at the time of booking the tickets and then, they can travel to the airport without a […]

Our attention and outlook to rape cases in India

Let’s put emotions aside and think rationally for a second.  Yesterday, the supreme court confirmed death sentence for 4 convicts in the Nirbhaya case. The SC says that the crime shook the conscience of the society. The case involved massive public attention and demonstration so, it can act as an example. Valid point. Now, just […]

The supreme court – our ruler?

​Any country’s Supreme Court has a very important role to play. But is there anyone who checks the working of Supreme Court? What if it itself crosses the line? The theoretical concept of “checks and balances” aside, what happens if the top judiciary starts considering itself the “voice of the nation”? Allow me to point […]

Narnia’s closet

They met each other at a mutual friend’s party. After spending some time with each other, they became friends. With time, the nature of their feelings changed. They started loving each other. The physical and emotional intimacy was just like in case of any other couple. They madly loved each other. However, they were certain […]