Kashmiriyat assaulted

Another attack on civilians in Kashmir. However, this is not just another attack. Amarnath pilgrims are targeted for the first time in over a decade. Although Amarnath Yatra was seldom without issues, this must be a tipping point in the recent Kashmir history. Kashmir police says that the attack was meant for security forces and […]

Our attention and outlook to rape cases in India

Let’s put emotions aside and think rationally for a second.  Yesterday, the supreme court confirmed death sentence for 4 convicts in the Nirbhaya case. The SC says that the crime shook the conscience of the society. The case involved massive public attention and demonstration so, it can act as an example. Valid point. Now, just […]

The stone-pelters and Army 

​Yesterday, in a combat operation with a militant, the security forces were attacked with stones by locals in Kashmir. The Army chief had already warned the civilians in the past, and yesterday, security forces fired at the civilians, killing three of them. Before you brand the civilians as “anti-nationals” or “Pakistani spies”, let’s ask a […]

The supreme court – our ruler?

​Any country’s Supreme Court has a very important role to play. But is there anyone who checks the working of Supreme Court? What if it itself crosses the line? The theoretical concept of “checks and balances” aside, what happens if the top judiciary starts considering itself the “voice of the nation”? Allow me to point […]

The King and the water

Once there was a king, In a land far, far away long, long time ago popular he was, worshipped by many the king changed a law, to much fanfare nobody will draw water from the wells in buckets, only steel glasses to be used to draw water. People were storing excess water in buckets, And […]

Irom Sharmila and our democracy

Irom Sharmila – a name that will soon be lost among the crowd of a billion others.  She ended her hunger strike, after 16 years. In these times when people burn buses and buildings for demanding reservation as they are “from the weaker sections of the society”, Irom’s movement was a peaceful and non-violent agitation […]