Kashmiriyat assaulted

Another attack on civilians in Kashmir. However, this is not just another attack. Amarnath pilgrims are targeted for the first time in over a decade. Although Amarnath Yatra was seldom without issues, this must be a tipping point in the recent Kashmir history. Kashmir police says that the attack was meant for security forces and the Yatra bus was caught in crossfire. I refuse to believe that. There were already murmurs in the Valley, among locals, that the Yatra will face “more than stone-pelting” this year. How the bus violated some rules and how security establishment failed to work on intelligence inputs, are other questions that need serious contemplation.

My focus at this moment, is on changing dynamics in the state. This attack will make meaningful discussions even more difficult in the current scenario. The fact that Sitaram Yechuri still prefers to score political brownie points by using the dead, should not leave us with any illusions about the political system, especially the opposition. The fact that the so-called “liberals” will choose to remain silent or philosophical about this incident should make it clear that another “Not in my name” campaign is not happening! This ideological narrative, heavily influenced by politics, of turning blind-eye to one incident and making a national-issue of another, is as dangerous as the attacks themselves.

Kashmir was in tatters. Now, the wound just got infected. Medication or surgery, something is needed now. It’s not going to heal itself this time.


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