Our attention and outlook to rape cases in India

Let’s put emotions aside and think rationally for a second.  Yesterday, the supreme court confirmed death sentence for 4 convicts in the Nirbhaya case. The SC says that the crime shook the conscience of the society. The case involved massive public attention and demonstration so, it can act as an example. Valid point. Now, just the day before, another sentence was announced by a HC in a rape case. Let’s call that case X. In X, a lady was raped, and her 14 family members were killed, including her 3-year old daughter. In this case, the convicts were given life sentences. This case was not covered widely in media, and didn’t involve many public demonstrations.

Now, let’s ask questions. Can you hang someone just because the case involved public scrutiny and mass protests? Was Nirbhaya case given so much attention (rightly so), because the rape happened in Delhi? Was the only problem with X the lack of public and media activism? Are so emotional and socially active when the rape cases are reported from far-off places, say Jharkhand, Manipur, Orissa etc.? Do these cases also get similar media coverage? Most importantly, should the outcome of a rape case depend on how much public and media attention it gathered? 
There have been countless such rape incidents in our country, before and after Nirbhaya, where the victim suffered from inhumane, barbaric and brutal assaults. Most of them are not even reported. I agree that the Nirbhaya case brought sexual assaults in public limelight and we made our laws stricter after this incident, so, in that way, this remains a landmark and iconic case. But, have we been as fair and vigilant with others as with Nirbhaya? Does something need to change? Do we need to change?


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