New series covering Union Budget 2016

We announce our new series of articles under Penlightment – “The Budget-Geek“!!
Our Union Budget will be presented on 29th Feb 2016. You might wonder why is the budget even important. Because it shows how our govt will collect money in the next financial year and more importantly, how it plans to spend it. It shows the direction in which the govt plans to take the country. So, it is perhaps the most important plan our govt makes. We must have a basic idea about it. The problem is, it is generally full of overload of information and technical jargons which make it impossible to understand for people not related with finance or tax background. We believe everyone has the right to know how his/her money is planned to be used by the govt elected by him/her. So, we have tried to provide a simple solution.
Under the series “The Budget-Geek“, we will try to simplify the important aspects of the budget, using layman language, which everyone, especially students, can follow and understand.

  • The first article will come out on 28th Feb, explaining what is a budget, its composition and basics.
  •  This will be followed by one article per day starting from 2nd March, focusing on one important highlight of the budget, the govt motive behind the change and its possible implications on the national and international level.
  •  We will try our best to limit each article to one page. There will be 7-9 articles in total, depending on the number of significant features of the budget.
  • All the articles will be in Q&A form, so that they are easy to read, follow and understand.

Hope you will like this new series.

Most importantly, we are trying to make the articles as engaging and “two-way” as possible. So, you are requested to ask all your questions related to a particular article or the budget itself and we will definitely try our best to come up with the answers.

To conclude, as always, please continue showering us with your love, support, appreciation and criticism. Thank you!


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