Love and Patriotism

Think of a person you love the most in the world. The person can be anybody – your husband, wife, lover, parent, child, student, teacher, friend, pet, absolutely anybody! To be able to relate with what I am about to say, please do wait for a second and think of that person.

Now, let’s assume this person has developed a bad habit. It can be anything: alcohol, drugs, behavioral changes etc. What should you do? Should you keep quiet because you love this person and don’t want to hurt him/her? Or you talk to the person, discuss the problem and make sure of improvement?

Love is not about accepting the wrong. It’s making sure that you, the other person and both of you (as a unit) grow and learn. You don’t “fall” in love; You “rise” in love. Pointing out the mistakes does not mean you are insulting the person or you don’t care about his/her emotions and feelings. On the contrary, you speak because you care! I believe that when you love someone, it’s your duty that you point out the mistakes and help the person take corrective actions.

Now, let’s apply the same concept to our love for our nation. Why is criticising a govt decision taken to be “insulting the nation”? First of all, let’s learn to differentiate between the nation and the govt. Criticizing the govt is not equal to criticizing the country. Moreover, as long as it is constructive criticism, the govt must take it in the right spirit. We criticize because we care about the nation, just like you do! What’s the harm in sitting and ironing out the differences through a mature discussion? At the same time, nobody has the right to question anyone’s patriotism. This feeling, just like love, is inexplicable. Let’s learn to appreciate when someone points out our mistakes, for it will only lead to mutual betterment. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing.


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