The JNU Fiasco

Let me be straight here, I strongly believe Afzal Guru was a terrorist and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Still, I’m more than happy to participate in a healthy, fact and logic based discussion over the role/execution of Afzal Guru and “freedom” of Kashmir. Freedom of expression and the right to have an opinion contrary to mine are paramount in a democracy. But there is a thin line between free speech and sedition and it was crossed in JNU. Raising anti-national slogans is not freedom of speech; it’s lack of common-sense. Mutual tolerance is something I am in agreement with, but I can’t accept “bharat ki barbaadi” slogans in the heart of national capital!
Both protesting sides are backed by our dear political parties. As soon as they have garnered enough media-mileage, they will go quiet and the issue will die out. However, the repercussions in Kashmir will be lethal and wide-ranging.
At the same time, I am strongly against BJP, ABVP or media using the name of the Siachen martyr Hanumanthappa to bring out the feeling of nationalism and present a contrast to the activities which took place in JNU. He was a soldier who died protecting the nation. Stop trying to win popularity and an advantage over your political rivals over a martyr’s dead body!


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