The Pathankot Terror Attacks

The combing operations in Pathankot are still on. I wanted to comment on the terror attacks only after the entire operation got over but it seems that will take a long time and by the time it gets over, we will have forgotten about the assault and moved on with our lives. I don’t have much to say. I just have to ask a few questions.

  1. The abducted Gurdaspur SP says the terrorists didn’t know that he was a senior police officer and hence, he was let-off. I don’t believe that. The SP’s car had a blue beacon on top of it. Did it not make clear that the car belonged to a VIP?? Were those terrorists blind or stupid? Even if I accept that the terrorists didn’t notice the beacon, I cannot accept that they considered the SP harmless. Imagine you are a terrorist on a suicide-mission. Will you release a person 24 hours before your attack, fully aware that the person can raise an alarm and inform the police, thus jeopardizing your raid? Why not kill the person? So, why was the SP released?
  2. Mr. Rajnath Singh, our Home minister declared that the operation was successful on the very first day. Is our home minister not aware of even the basic Standard Operating Procedure in an army operation? Did he not know that no mission is complete until combing and sanitisation are finished? Why was he so desperate to announce the victory? He is not a news anchor on Aaj Tak; he is the second most powerful man in the country! Does he have no accountability? What was he trying to prove?
  3. For a change, our Intelligence was correct and timely. We knew about the exact target a day before the actual attack. What did we achieve? How did the terrorists get in so easily when we already knew they were coming? The NSG was deployed deep in the base, to protect the fighter jets and choppers. I ask you a simple question: Why was NSG not deployed at the main gate and on the perimeter? When you know a cockroach is about to enter your home, what do you do? Do you stand in your kitchen, waiting for it or you stand at your main gate, ready to crush it right there? Why were unarmed DSC personnel deployed at the perimeter? Why were we hell-bent on killing on own people?
  4. The terrorists did not have any Long-range Assault Rifles (LARs), bazooka or rocket-launchers. If they really wanted to damage the jets and choppers, why were they carrying mortars and Small-Range Assault Rifles (SARs)? Did they really think they can damage MiG-29 and Mi35 with SARs?? For God’s sake, these are combat aircrafts, not a Maruti 800!! In 26/11, the terrorists carried bazookas and rocket-launchers even when they were targeting civilians in an urban area. Why did they not carry these weapons when they were targeting military equipments in a military base? Because the jets and equipments were never the target. The terrorists knew they can never reach deep enough to damage them. This attack was a statement, mocking the Indian govt and Indian defence forces. Why are the govt and media presenting us with this cock and bull story?

After 26/11, we are again shown our real place by a handful of terrorists. I feel the same frustration, helplessness and despair. Has anything changed?


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