Nirbhaya Rape Case and the Juvenile

This is getting disgusting now. The juvenile rapist is supposed to be released today and the country has no better work than to ensure he remains behind the bars. And then we say that Kangaroo courts and media trials are not good for our country?

According to me, the problem is a lot deeper. This guy was convicted around 3 years ago. We knew from the very beginning that he would be set free today. What the hell was the National Commission for Women doing all this while? Why did they have to wait till the very last day to file a PIL in the Supreme Court? Every PIL will now be filed at midnight? When Yakub Memon was hanged, I said that midnight hearings in SC will set a bad precedent. The only reason why these PILs are filed at midnight is to gain media attention. And if a govt body like NCW is playing to the galleries, it raises a lot more fundamental questions.

As for the juvenile, he was sentenced according to the laws prevalent at the time of committing the crime. How can a country like India allow “Ex Post Facto” sentences (changing sentences according to the laws which were not even applicable at the time of the incident)? Yes, I wanted him to get a lot stricter punishment. But there were no such laws at that time. Now, just to satisfy my blood-lust and a false sense of justice, I cannot ask someone else to take an unfair beating. Anyway, I strongly believe that having strict laws will make no change in the condition of women in the country. Changing the mind-set and psyche are the only thing that will make a difference. The entire country ganging up against a person will definitely not change a thing. No, I have no sympathies for the juvenile, I am just concerned about how we try to modify the laws and the system as per our whims and conveniences. Even you have hate the law, you need to follow it, else our entire system will crumble into pieces.


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