Bollywood and “Hurting Public Sentiments”

Jodha Akbar, Rajneeti, Ram Leela, Madras Cafe, Haider, PK, Bajirao Mastani…..The list seems endless. Some of us are really emotional. We get hurt very easily. My problem starts when these grieving people try to dictate what others should do.

I have noticed an upward trend in the movies that “hurt public sentiments”. It is almost a given now that any movie on a historical or social subject will face ire from some sections of the society and there will be demands to stop the release of the film. Are we actually so naive? I know that our politicians incite mobs (normally, hired) to launch rallies or demonstrations. But we remain to keep silent, encouraging them.

A movie is a director’s vision. It is what “he wants to say”, not “what is right”. A movie is never made to give us a lecture on society or history. Why cannot we just take a movie as just a movie and not make a big deal out of it? Watch it if you want to; nobody is forcing you to watch what “hurts your sentiments”.

More importantly, why can’t we speak up against the mob burning down film-posters and creating ruckus on public property??

I am not scared when I hear loud and crass abuses. I am scared when I see nobody protesting


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