The Western Double-standards And IS

France launched airstrikes against IS less than a week after the Paris attacks. The USA destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. But when Mumbai was attacked on 26th November 2008, the USA, France and Britain asked India to maintain peace and stay patient and restraint. Why? Is a life of an European citizen worth more than that of an Indian? Why does our government let outsiders dictate terms when we are bleeding the most?
Let us be clear about one thing. India played a huge role in the creation of IS. India chose to be a silent spectator, letting the USA turn Iraq and Afghanistan into cemeteries. The actions of USA and some other factors have led to the creation and rise of IS.
I believe stopping IS is a lot tougher than stopping Taliban or Al-Qaeda. The reason is simple- Taliban, Al-Qaeda etc had centralised management. Once Laden and Mullah Omar were killed, there was no top-management left to guide and consolidate them. There was no succession-planning and other leaders fought among themselves to become the chiefs, weakening the organisation further. But in the case of IS, the system is completely decentralised. The model is that, any organisation who believes in their ideology can get “affiliated” and become a separate and autonomous part of the IS. That is the reason why Boko Haram and many other militant organisations in Africa, Middle East, Syria, Iraq etc are flourishing under the IS conglomerate. IS is also largely self-financed, making it difficult to contain it.
What India needs to understand is, The USA, France, Britain etc will not help India in combating terrorism as long as they are safe. India needs to join hands with Russia now. Russia was the only country which stood by India during 26/11 and said it would support any actions taken by India to avenge its citizens and martyrs. Due to some stupid diplomatic policies, we have created some distances with Russia in the last decade but it can still be improved and used for our benefit. To counter China, Russia is our only option as the USA will never support India against China because the USA is now economically dependent on China to a great extent.
It is time we stop doing what have failed us over the last 50 years, and look for new, beneficial allies.


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