The OROP Controversy

This might come as a surprise to some, but I support the government’s version of OROP and I believe that the ex-servicemen should call off their agitation. Being a finance student, I understand government’s point of view and agree that annual revision of pension would have been an administrative and financial nightmare. At the same time, other issues like base year and date of implementation are minor variances and the Modi government must be applauded for fulfilling this demand, which was stuck for over four decades. Yes, I think it would have been better had soldiers/officers opting for VRS been allowed the benefits of OROP, but I guess when you sit at the negotiating table, you always have to make some compromises. Though, it’s a good thing that this clause is applicable only for fresh cases of VRS and not retrospectively, thus giving the new servicemen a fair choice.
I think the ex-servicemen should be happy with what they have got and if there remain any more demands, agitation and returning medals are not the ways to get them addressed.


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