17 things the Modi era has taught me

17 things the Modi era has taught me so far –

1. India’s flag should be Ashoka chakra on saffron.
2. It is against Indian culture for women to venture out after dark.
3. The most important issue that the adivasi children of Madhya Pradesh are facing today is the egg given with the mid-day meal.
4. Hindu women who do not bear five children are responsible for the decline of the community.
5. Sanskrit is the key to progress…Do not waste time on English.
6. To drink cow’s milk, which is meant for the calf, is a virtue, while to butcher a dying cow is a sin.
7. Kissing is the culture of the West. Ours is rape.
8. Mobile phones and jeans are leading the girls astray.
9. Narendra Modi can be found at only 2 places – outside India and social media.
10. It is more important what a small minority (comprising people of all religions) is eating than the fact that a huge majority (comprising people of all religions) sleeps on an empty stomach every night.
11. Our PM has given innumerable speeches and monologues but he has not given a single interview or answered in a single press conference. He answers only to RSS.
12. If you dare to criticize his policy/governance, being brutally abused on social media is, by far, the least harmful thing that can happen to you.
13. The world is either black or white. Saffron is the new white.
14. The chiefs of India’s largest private bank (HDFC) and largest infrastructure company(L&T) can be completely blacked out from the media if they express their discontent about the government’s policies.
15. Data manipulation and management is an art. Change the base years for comparability, present the partial information which looks good and scream the lies so hard that people actually think we are progressing.
16. A guy can be killed by a mob of 3500, and you will easily find sympathisers for the mob.
17. Anything sent via an extremely long whatsapp message in Hindi is true! No need to even check the facts.

(The first 8 points are sourced from an article by Mr. Deni Lal, though I completely agree with every one of them.)


2 thoughts on “17 things the Modi era has taught me

  1. Very nice! It’s scintillating…. I feel this is all bull shit I mean people call cow mother they feed cow to bring in merits in there life but no one wants to see a cow standing in front of there home and do shit there…. And generally the people who are shouting “save cow and we worship cow” and killing people for eating beef are the one we can easily find beating a cow, so that the cow won’t do shit in front of there homes.


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