My Food, My Life

It scares me how easily we get offended now. It scares me even more that we are always trying to paint this country in our own colors.
How can someone else decide what I am going to eat? Does eating non-veg make me blasphemous? Does eating veggies make me a saint? We need to understand that it is what we do that defines us, not what we eat, wear or whom we pray to!! So many of my Jain and Hindu friends eat non-veg and we still celebrate together, every time. So many of my Muslim friends are vegetarian. If some 20-year olds can understand something this simple, what is wrong with some morons? I don’t eat non-veg food because I don’t like it, not because my family or religion forbids me to. That does not give me a right to judge others or compel them to do things which will suit me.
Anyway, Merry Eid to you all!! This time, let’s sacrifice greed, intolerance, impatience and evil. Stay blessed!!


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