The box of magic!!

The Kashmiris are really stupid!! They are asking the Centre for a relief package. Don’t they know they already have been allotted a package of almost Rs. 1700 crores?? We need to give Bihar new packages. The new package for Bihar worth Rs. 125000 crores is nothing!! Bihar is strategically very important for us. There have been two major floods there in the last 2 years and getting the entire infrastructure back in place costs serious money! Bihar is also facing so many problems like infiltration from Pakistan, militancy, the rise of IS etc and economic prosperity is the only way we can counter them. Creating jobs is paramount where people have such easy access to weapons and militants. The economy of Bihar was heavily dependent on tourism and building the same from scratch after the devastating floods is going to take serious efforts and funds. Apart from all this, the Biharis have lost faith in India and we need to win their confidence back, else the consequences will be disastrous!! And the Kashmiris are asking for a package! How foolish!


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