The Greater Bond

We are celebrating Raksha Bandhan today. I have a request from all the brothers and sisters who are so excited on this great occasion.
Brothers, when she ties a rakhi on your hand, please don’t promise her security. Today, a girl/woman does not need security from you. She is more than capable of defending herself. What you can promise her is respect. Respect, not only for her but every girl you happen to come across. A promise not be a silent spectator when you see a girl being molested or harassed. A commitment to stand up and fight, no matter what the odds.
Sisters, you are not dependent on others for your safety. Stop tolerating the wrong and start hitting back, hard. At the same time, please know that all men are not perverts. There are so many amazing people, just like your brother and father. Don’t generalise. Learn to trust.
Happy raksha bandhan, folks. Let’s celebrate this festival the way it is meant to be celebrated, not only today but throughout the year.


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