Independence 2.0

So, it’s the holiday you were waiting for all this while!! Plus it’s a Saturday!! So, you must be so excited and rightfully so. I just have a little thing I want to draw your attention to. Are we free?? Have we truly achieved independence?

Today, India faces so many issues which might make you wonder “What’s next?”. Or, as sometimes I think, “Is there a next?”. Global terrorism, naxalism, insurgencies, Kashmir, dying economy, the list goes on and on. I don’t want to dampen your spirits on this wonderful day. However, how long are we going on depend on the politicians to make the things right? At the same time, will they do anything at all? Going by the disgustingly rhetoric, repetitive, factually misleading and political speech (yes, I call that a “speech”, not an “address”) just delivered by our PM, I am not really positive on that front. But should we not do something?

I can list so many things we can do but then, you will lose focus and interest. So, I want to start with one issue and one simple thing I request you to do about it. We literally hate people from other religions. Mutual acceptance has vanished and the bias and communal tension are becoming worse each passing day. So, let’s start with this. Next time someone tells you that Muslims are dangerous, terrorists and bad for our society, don’t stay mum. Next time when they tell you Hindus are very orthodox and dominating, raise your voice. Don’t shout or become violent or aggressive. Just look them in the eye and say firmly, “I completely disagree”. Let them know that you will no longer be a part of that pathetic mindset. But more importantly, believe that.

We need to fight again for our real independence. We need to get united and then break away these shackles. And what better day than today to start this revolution!!

15th august


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