The Yakub Memon case

So, we succeeded in making a mockery of the Indian judicial system in this case. I know that “let a hundred guilty walk free, but an innocent should not be sent to gallows.” Even though I am not a hard-core legal student, I have a working knowledge of the constitution and the judicial process. First of all, it took us almost 20 years to prove someone guilty. Then began what I like to call “the dance of democracy”.
The problem with the Indian judiciary is that it is still evolving (But that can be said for any other country as well). Every judgement is not merely a judgement but also a benchmark for the future sentences. Every judgement becomes a precedent. This time, we goofed up big time. A writ challenging a curative petition, consideration of the second mercy petition by the President, a writ challenging the President’s decision and a SC hearing at 3 AM!!! Are you kidding me!!
Moreover, we sent a clear message to the all the terrorists – Come here and have a blast!! We assure you more sympathisers than you can find in Pakistan and Afghanistan combined. We have people like Mr. Bhushan, institutions like NLU, Delhi and hundreds of “human right activists” who will go to any length to humiliate the same judiciary they swear by.


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