The AIPMT dress-code controversy

I have a question. Let’s suppose a person very dear to you has met with a serious accident. He/She is taken to the hospital and is in a very critical state. The doctor, a follower of Jainism, who is supposed to operate on him/her, comes up to you and says, “I am not going to operate because it is against my religion to dissect a human body.” How would you feel??
The latest controversy around the dress-code for the AIPMT is the same. I find it an insult to common-sense to even discuss it. I respect all the religions and I understand all your religious sentiments. However, I find it absolutely stupid that some students prefered not taking the exam over abiding by the SC guidelines. Have we become such mindless servants to religion that we have lost our ability to think logically?? Students prepared for an entire year for the exam and then decided to skip it to protect their “religious sentiments” for 6 hours?? Do they really want to join a profession as objective and non-discriminatory as medicine by following this idiotic mindset?? Will they choose to protect their “religious sentiments” when a patient is dying in the operation theatre, by giving reasons like “it is time for my Namaz“??
What is the point of the entire education system if we are so thickheaded?? Why do we have to wear a uniform in schools – because it promotes equality; because we cannot be treated differently on the basis of our social, economic or religious status.
Sometimes, these disgusting events actually make me wonder whether democracy is the right form of government for the people like us. We deserve to be whipped around by a dictator.


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