Domestic Violence


Domestic violence is a reality. You can choose to ignore and succumb to it or fight it. So many men beat up their kids and even wives out of unrelated frustration. Some even do it to appear “manly”, exert their dominance and “show who is the boss.” A family where domestic violence is a routine can never be functional. The kids will grow up to be extremely-aggressive and emotionally-rotten individuals. I believe if you have to raise your voice (or hand, as in this case) to prove you are right, you have already lost.
A commercial used to run on TV a few years ago, with the tagline “ghanti bajao”. It appealed that when you hear your neighbour hitting/abusing his kids/wife, just ring the doorbell, citing any excuse. This breaks the flow of the intended violence. I loved the idea. We just have to ring the doorbell, and ask for sugar, milk, utensils etc. If someone in your family is facing this abuse, stand up and fight. Keeping quiet never changed a thing in the history of human civilisation.

picture credits – Amnesty International


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