The King is naked….

We are living in weird times. On one hand, we proclaim India to be world’s largest democracy, ensuring right to speech, choose etc. On the other hand, we have lost our tolerance to dissent and ability to discuss an issue with an open mind.

Today, anyone criticizing the Indian govt, especially Narendra Modi is abused and harassed. Right from Shruti Seth, Amartya Sen, Chetan Bhagat to stand-up comedians, Modi’s fans are sparing no one. They are trolled, abused and assaulted on social media, without being given a chance to explain themselves.

People are praising him for any positive thing happening in the country, even if he has nothing to do with it. At the same time, they are defending him with absolutely shit logic when he is criticized for his mistakes. The level of economic and financial illiteracy in the county makes the matter worse. When I try to engage people in an open discussion, they give me logics like, “Modi is the reason why crude oil prices have fallen to an all-time low”, “Modi is the master-mind behind the Greek-crisis. He is doing so to portray India as a good country to invest in.”, “India is going to overtake China’s economy in his tenure.” The list only gets more childish and insulting to common-sense. People like Subramaniam Swamy instigate people and exploit their illiteracy and lack of self-confidence. I am not criticizing Modi government’s work or policies, that deserves a separate post.

All I am saying is, we are trampling the voices of dissent in this country. Last time that happened, a leader named Indira Gandhi wrote a black chapter in Indian history…..


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