The hidden goodness

People ask me why I am so positive about the future? What makes me so certain that things will change for better? Well, the answer is a little deep. You see, human psychology is actually very straight-forward. In our minds, we see our lives as a movie. And more importantly, we consider ourselves to be the hero of that movie. In our conscious and subconscious mind, we, being “heroes”, can do no wrong. So, whenever we do something that is not expected of a “hero”, our mental balance and peace go out of the window. If we keep mum when a shopkeeper returns us excess change, when we steal, hurt someone’s feelings etc, we cannot tolerate the fact that our hero is not perfect. We keep feeling “odd”, like something is wrong, we cannot be as cheerful and happy as we were earlier. Something pricks our conscience. So, I believe this latent goodness deep within will help us change our society for good. The fact that we need to prove to the world and keep justifying ourselves that we, indeed, are “heroes”, will make us do the right thing in long-run. And I am not complaining..


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