Gujarat election results – A false dawn

The much awaited Gujarat election results came out and much of the discussion was centered on BJP losing a few seats and not getting into triple digits. At the same time, this is being considered a moral victory for Congress. It seems like a good victory for democracy in India as BJP had become extremely […]

What is my stand?

Ever since I started writing on public issues, I have been asked a question – which side are you on? This question has become more frequent after the 2014 elections. I always thought that it was an illogical question. I thought people were trying to presume my content based on my political stand, or worse, […]

Heaven but no Earth

Kalpana gets up from the rickety cot and goes outside her 10 feet by 20 feet tent. Her eyes are awashed with similar tents, reminding her of her rootless survival. It is cruel for her community to stay as refugees in Jammu. She can see the hills, beyond which lies her home. She can only […]

Kashmiriyat assaulted

Another attack on civilians in Kashmir. However, this is not just another attack. Amarnath pilgrims are targeted for the first time in over a decade. Although Amarnath Yatra was seldom without issues, this must be a tipping point in the recent Kashmir history. Kashmir police says that the attack was meant for security forces and […]

Our attention and outlook to rape cases in India

Let’s put emotions aside and think rationally for a second.  Yesterday, the supreme court confirmed death sentence for 4 convicts in the Nirbhaya case. The SC says that the crime shook the conscience of the society. The case involved massive public attention and demonstration so, it can act as an example. Valid point. Now, just […]

The stone-pelters and Army 

​Yesterday, in a combat operation with a militant, the security forces were attacked with stones by locals in Kashmir. The Army chief had already warned the civilians in the past, and yesterday, security forces fired at the civilians, killing three of them. Before you brand the civilians as “anti-nationals” or “Pakistani spies”, let’s ask a […]

Tax revenues declared by central govt for demonetization period

​Just watched the press conference by our union Finance Minister, in which he presented direct and indirect tax figures (trends), supporting the assertion that the economy has grown in the months of November and December 2016, despite the demonetization. That’s the biggest issue with statistics – the conclusion/interpretation which can be drawn from them depends […]